Sanjay Das, Founder & Managing Director


Sanjay has spent over two decades in the health IT industry in Malaysia. He is passionate about how IT can transform the healthcare industry. At SD Global, with his great team of experts from healthcare backgrounds, he aims to help the Healthcare Institutes in Malaysia and South East Asia leverage technology to enhance patient care. Sanjay uses his vast experience in the healthcare industry and brings to the table a solid mix of strategy, innovative and integrated thinking, and technology expertise to help healthcare organizations devise a result-driven IT strategy. Over the past 20 years, he has helped several healthcare organizations through their digital health transformation initiatives.

Siddhartha Mishra, CEO

siddhartha mishra

Siddhartha Mishra (CEO – Healthcare at SD Global): Siddhartha is a highly respected healthcare leader with extensive experience in the public and private sectors. Over the past two decades, he has extensively worked collaboratively with a variety of partners and stakeholders including governments, communities and other health service providers to strengthen and advance patient care objectives. He has been instrumental in promoting the use of information technology in improving quality of patient care within the region and beyond. At SD Global, Siddhartha looks after Business, Product, Consulting, clinical and information technology.