On an average, company employees spend around 40 hours every week in office and this is a large amount of time. During these hours, they will ideate, participate in discussions, attend meetings, execute ideas and interact with numerous people in order to benefit their company in various ways. All these activities take up a lot of energy. It is because of how much time and energy the average employee dedicates to the workplace, companies are investing in fostering a creative and nurturing work atmosphere.

Companies understand the importance of creating a good workplace. It increases an employee’s productivity. Attractive office space is more likely to keep morale high and encourage people to put their best into their work. An ergonomically planned office can actually help maintain the staff’s physical health. Poorly designed working conditions can lead to bad wrists, joint pain and back pain, which would decrease productivity. Good office space can also increase employee retention. Employees will be more willing to stay at an office that has great amenities rather than one that doesn’t. Keeping a good workplace also increases an employee’s loyalty towards their company. It can instill a sense of pride in the staff. And it’s also a great way to attract new talent. Some of the best companies in the world, like Google, have excellent office spaces because of all these reasons.

SD Global is soon going to have a new address and our team is spending a lot of time and energy in ensuring that the new office is an ideal work set up. Here is a glimpse of things which the team is considering –

Open Spaces

Using space effectively can create areas within which employees feel free to move around in. Not only is this energizing, it also creates a collaborative environment. Plus, it’s healthier. Studies have foundthat employees do better if they stand more than they sit. On the other hand, for the office spaces where the set up needs to have cubicles, there are always ways to be creative with them.

Places Which Increase Productivity

Poor lighting, uncomfortable seating and dreary surroundings are sure to decrease people’s interest in their work, therefore reducing their overall productivity. So having spaces that are bright, fresh, energetic and comfortable would surely boost productivity. ‘Recharge rooms’, where employees can meditate, play games or even take a nap is one of the ideas which the SD Global team is toying with.


Spaces Which Foster Innovation, Collaboration, and Transparency

There is a multitude of ways to create an innovative and collaborative environment. We feel that a well-stocked library in the office premise gives employees a calm space to relax occasionally. It can also give them a chance to read books related to their work and this can help them come up with their next big idea.

Being Closer to Nature

Although this factor is not very easy to imbibe, a lot of thought is being given for this. Several studies show that plants boost cognition and improve our overall health.

We also believe that apart from the creative utilization of the office space and setting up fun-focused facilities, we also need to include state-of-the-art technology in order to motivate and inspire our employees and also give our visitors insight into the scope of our work. A few features which are under consideration are –

Experience Center

The new office of SD Global will have various smart hospital enablement sections inside the office which will give a glimpse of our solutions such as voice-enabled EMR, remote health monitoring, chronic health management using VR technology, etc.


A digital stethoscope, infrared thermometers and a pair of spectacles that allow doctors to view their patients’ medical records on their lens are some of the fascinating gadgets which we are considering to get into our office lab. The aim is to give our team of technologists the access to latest healthcare tools and gadgets and allow them to think of innovative ways of integrating those into our smart hospital solutions.

SD Global envisions a world where hospitals, clinics and healthcare technology are brought together in a highly digitalized infrastructure to give patients the best and most effective treatment possible. Keeping this in mind, we aim to reflect our modern and progressive mindset through our own office space. Located at a prime business center in Kuala Lumpur, our office will spacious – taking up 11,500 square feet of the entire floor of the Centre.

We also want to convey a sense of vibrancy and energy, so our office space will be colorful, with an open area and numerous recreational places. After all, a spacious office combined with bright, fresh colors will not only positively impact our employees’ mental health but increase their productivity as well. The recreational spaces are meant to help our teams loosen up throughout the day so that they feel motivated to accomplish their tasks with minimal stress. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to do their best for the health benefits of others and it’s only fair to look out for them as well.

We are truly committed to live up to our promise of being Malaysia’s best healthcare technology company to work for, with world-class infrastructure and facilities.