Profitability. Growth. Customer satisfaction. No matter what industry, every organization looks to achieve these. And no matter what corporate strategies they use, in the end, success is defined by the values they imbibe and share.

Corporate leaders love to talk about values: they share them on websites, place them in boardrooms, talk about them in interviews. Yet, too often, employees, customers, partners,and other stakeholders are blissfully unaware of them. When it comes to values, actions speak louder than words: it isvalues that guide every organization’s thinking and actions; in fact, they are what define the corporate culture. They represent the foundation on which the company is formed, and reflect the collective judgment of what’s important to the organization. When organizational values are operationalized, communicated and absorbed only then people know where to drive their focus.

Values at SD Global

For organizations experiencing unprecedented growth, values become extremely important for continued success. In the healthcare sector, values take on a new level of significance; since the industry is constantly changing at a rapid pace influenced by a rise in chronic patients, healthcare directives, and new regulations, values have a direct effect on patient care.

We, at SD Global, take values very seriously; it is our values that allow us to drive better healthcare outcomes, while constantly succeeding in a rapidly changing world. Here are 3 values that all of us at SD Global share:

  1. Quality Excellence:No amount of focus on value makes sense if the healthcare organization is not explicitly focused on quality. As a value-based care delivery organization, we have apassion for quality excellence. Whether it is integrating various healthcare systems, providing hospital staff with a unified communications platform, or simply modernizing a healthcare organization into a smart hospital – quality excellence is what we continuously strive for. We routinely incorporate the voice of our customers (and patients) into our efforts and adapt to better serve them. By focusing on what matters most to hospitals, we benchmark against best practices, identify anomalies, and drive improvements over time. Since health professionals cannot just stop at providing treatment, we believe in the notion of a continuum of care – particularly relevant in today’s increasingly complex management of care for chronic conditions.
  1. Knowledge Dominance:In the healthcare industry, there is no room for error. Accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment require healthcare organizations to have access to the right knowledge at the right time. At SD Global, we focus greatly on knowledge dominance and effectively manage knowledge to drive operational excellence, as well as the best possible healthcare outcomes for our customers.Through knowledge dominance, we are able to build IT systems that facilitate a constant flow of critical information and enable customers to make better and more-informed healthcare decisions. It enables us to standardize healthcare procedures for hospitals and allow them to store critical medical information for empowered decision-making. It helps us to embrace change, creates a continuous learning environment, and encourages a free flow of ideas and insights that lead to innovation – a requisite in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.
  1. Customer Centricity:Organizations that focus on customer needs and requirements are the ones that can truly drive value. At SD Global, customer centricity is what enables us to move ahead of our competition while simultaneously helping hospitals achieve their business outcomes. Since for the average patient, the real value is accrued over years of preventing diseases and delaying their progression, through value-based care, we are able to enable customers to carry out round-the-clock monitoring and prevent costly and debilitating longer-term events. Also, through customer-centricity, we are able to foster a culture of coordination and communication, and ensure that every healthcare provider is aware of and complementing every other, and assuming collective responsibility and accountability for healthcare outcomes.

Values that Drive Success

As health budgets come under increasing strain, and 24×7 care becomes a priority, there is an increasing focus on improving the value of care delivered by the healthcare system.

Values are critical to the success of any healthcare institution as they tend to influence the attitudes and behaviors of those providing care. At SD Global, we have adopted a culture of value-based care that allows our customers to achieve outstanding outcomes for their patients. Our values help us think beyond traditional healthcare delivery models to deliver accurate and timely care to patients. Whether it’s quality, knowledge dominance or customer centricity – our values help promote the proactive delivery of high-value care — and stop at nothing but excellence.