The SD Global team is just back from three super busy days at APHM 2018. As those following us on social channels will know, SD Global had a booth at APHM 2018 where we showcased our smart hospital solutions and capabilities.

Going by the buzz at the conference and the visitors at our booth, we won’t exaggerate if we say that ours was probably one of the busiest booths at the event. Our team of over 15 people was kept constantly busy with the visitors who were curious to know about our smart hospital and connected healthcare solutions.

The SD Global booth had four prominent pods –

Self-Registration– The self-reSelf Registration Pod At APHM 2018gistration desk at the booth was equipped with face-recognition cameras, business card scanners, weighing scale, a health chair capable of measuring the critical vital signs like heart rate and respiratory rate, etc. Visitors coming to the self-registration kiosk were registered to our system within a matter of a few minutes with all their health details.



Remote Health Monitoring– At our Connected Healthcare kiosk, the visitors already registered at the registration kiosk Remote Health Monitoring Pod at APHM 2018could see their entries in the system and got to experience how their health data from various fitness trackers such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc. could be synced with their health records. The large scale touchscreen gave the visitors a glimpse of how the future of connected healthcare will look like.


Doctor's Pod at APHM 2018Doctor’s Pod– The Pod for doctors was equipped with voice-enabled EMR wherein; the doctors can give their commands through voice and the EMR system will take appropriate actions. We believe that technology should help doctors spend more time with their patients and should be able to give the patients more face-time. The voice-enabled EMR is just one step towards that. This pod (obviously) saw a lot of interest from doctors!


Chronic Health Management Pod– We understand that chronic health management requires a constant connection Chronic Health Management Pod at APHM 2018between doctors and the patients. The patients also need to be continuously educated about the latest advancements and various aspects of their health. Latest technologies such as AR and VR can play a vital role here. This pod demonstrated how these technologies can be leveraged. The visitors got a glimpse of the power of VR technology.


Another highlight of the event was the release of our whitepaper on Smart Hospitals by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helen Benedict Lasimbang, CEO of HUMS. It was indeed a huge honor for us to have Dr. Helen, who is so passionate about the concept of Smart Hospitals, at our booth and release the whitepaper.


Smart Hospital Whitepaper


Unlike many conferences and events, where the exhibitors showcase their solutions through videos and brochures, we thought of giving the visitors a complete experience. The whole booth was designed based on that concept and the visitors left with a very exhilarating experience. It was quite amazing to see that on Day 2, a lot of people came to our booth and told us that they heard about it at the event and were recommended by their colleagues to visit the booth.

The social media was buzzing with a lot of conversations around smart hospitals and connected healthcare at the event. We are extremely glad to be a part of this vibrant Malaysian healthcare ecosystem which is set to transform the Connected Healthcare scenario.

We, at SD Global, had a great time at APHM 2018. We all are looking forward to another great show next year! Till then, do connect with us if you would like to know more about innovative and comprehensive connected healthcare solutions.