At SD Global, we offer unique smart hospital solutions to healthcare institutions in Malaysia. With a fantastic team of technology experts, healthcare specialists, and customer success professionals on board, we deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to hospitals.

We understand that to be able to deliver these solutions; our developers need to stay on top of their game when it comes to knowledge and expertise in the latest technological areas.

Through this blog, we are sharing our learnings on how we achieve that. Software developers in the industry could use these to stay relevant in today’s fast-changing business demands and technological advancements.

Malaysia is moving swiftly towards a digital economy.

  • Last year, the Malaysian government revealed its plan to embark on the journey of Industry 4.0, where technology plays a significant role in improving the manufacturing industry.
  • It also announced various initiatives to promote technology adoption and digital entrepreneurship.
  • With an 18.3% contribution towards GDP and an 80% population connected by the internet, The World Bank recognizes Malaysia as a country with high digital adoption.

All this spell good news for the country.

As a survey by Malaysia’s leading online employment company reveals, 43% of the companies are looking for people with IT and digital expertise to drive their business.

If you are a software developer, this means that your domain knowledge and expertise is in demand.

However, there is immense competition in the industry.

According to Randstad Malaysia, 89% of the Malaysians realize that they have to acquire new skills to stay relevant. A whooping 93% of them are personally willing to acquire new skills to improve their chances of employability.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a new job or climb the proverbial corporate ladder, you need to upskill yourself.

Our advice to stay relevant in the fast-paced industry

Enroll for Online Courses

We understand the lack of time can be the biggest hurdle stopping you from enrolling for specialized courses. However, you can leverage online courses to upgrade yourself. Portals like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy offer courses on the latest technology trends. Created by industry experts, these courses are a combination of theory and practical sessions and provide many practice exercises to help you understand the concepts better. As most of these courses are pre-recorded, you can complete them at your own pace without having to compromise on your daily schedule. These platforms also let you post queries online and get responses from experts and fellow students in the community. With an attractive price point, online courses are the best way to keep yourself updated about the new trends in the industry.

Attend Industry Events

Always be on a lookout for industry events that are relevant to your domain. It is the perfect place to network with like-minded professionals and listen to the speeches of industry leaders. Few events like Malaysia Technology Expo also allow you to demonstrate your innovations and prototypes to manufacturers, distributors, and marketers in Asia. Participate in these events to learn about the trends making rounds in the industry. It will help you gain insights on what you can do to learn them and stay ahead of the competition.

Join Open-Source Communities

There is no better way to learn than rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty (not literally) on a project. Open-source communities such as GitHub allow developers across the world to develop projects in collaboration. Communities like these broaden your perspective, teach you newer things that you may not have been aware of before, and learn about new technologies. You can also leverage these communities to ask questions and seek solutions to specific challenges that you may be facing in your project. Also, knowing that there is a community of like-minded and passionate people will boost your confidence and enable you to stay updated about the technology you love.

Get Certified Regularly

Chris Mead, the Regional Director of Hays in Malaysia and Singapore, said that with organizations moving towards SAP platform, there is a high demand for SAP consultants in Malaysia. The same applies to IT consultants with knowledge in PHP, C++, SharePoint, and mobile applications. Therefore, it is essential to get yourself certified in your area of specialization regularly. Organizations like SAP, Microsoft, and Google offer professional certificates on clearing their exams. These certificates have a limited period validity, after which you have to appear for exams again to be certified again. This helps you upgrade your knowledge regularly and align the changes in the industry.

Follow Industry News and Blogs

Read, read, read. If there is one thing you must do to stay updated, it is to follow news and blogs related to your domain. Sign up for newsletters, subscribe for blogs, and follow industry leaders and companies on Twitter and LinkedIn. The more you read, the more you will be aware of what’s happening in the industry. It will give you a new perspective on what technology is in demand and what is getting redundant and help you to update yourself.


As Malaysia embarks on its ambitious digital transformation plan titled Transformasi Nasional (TN50), private and public organizations have begun to harness the power of people and technology to drive the economy of the country. This is, therefore, your chance to script yours and the country’s growth story of the country. Dedicate time to upgrade your knowledge, so you can remain relevant even as technologies and the economy changes.