In today’s day, the convergence of technology with healthcare is creating a network that is collaborative and interconnected in order to better healthcare delivery, streamline healthcare processes and improve patient outcomes.

An initiative to bring technology and healthcare providers together on one platform is the APHM International Health Conference and Exhibition held annually in Malaysia. This conference is unarguably one of the largest healthcare conferences held in Malaysia. It has over 200 booths where healthcare providers can congregate to identify solutions to better hospital outcomes and patient care. The APHM (Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia) conference will be celebrating its silver anniversary this year making it even more sought after. At SD Global Tech, we are regular at APHM and this year too, we are looking forward to it.

In today’s world, the healthcare evolution has been such that it has become increasingly interconnected. Collaboration between nurses, physicians, hospital departments and other ancillary hospital departments is becoming increasingly important in order to stay relevant in a fast growing marketplace. Given that patients today also want to become active participants in their healthcare goals and health outcomes, it has brought about the consumerization of healthcare making the patient engagement an important metric to address. Since the healthcare ecosystem is dependent on several disciplines and stakeholders, working together in unison and as a single operational team assumes great importance. Over the last few years, one of the most consistent messages going across the healthcare industry has been about patient experience. Since patients today are being conditioned to expect a certain level of service as consumers, generated mostly from their conditioning from other industries such as retail, banking, hospitality etc. it is quite clear that the healthcare industry has to work consistently towards disrupting the manner in which patients experience health care today. It has, therefore, become important for the participants in the healthcare industry to work together more closely and collaboratively. Events such as APHM work as a great platform for this.

The APHM International Health Conference and Exhibition provides a single meeting ground for all healthcare, hospital, medical service providers and gives them an opportunity to collaborate for better patient safety and hospital outcomes. This conference also is a great meeting ground for the stakeholders of patient health covering avenues where patients interact with healthcare providers and organizations. The APHM conference, thus, provides the stakeholders of healthcare to connect and identify avenues that can help dissolve the disconnect that impedes healthcare growth and the growth prospects. I think some of the key reasons why healthcare professionals should look forward to the APHM conference are:

Find new technology partners for collaboration

Since technology and healthcare have become inextricably linked, it becomes essential to identify technology solutions that help in process management and streamlining, improving collaboration between departments, patient management and ensuring better patient safety. Healthcare integration has become essential today to ensure better healthcare delivery and this conference provides a great platform to learn, assess and identify new technologies that can facilitate such integrations. The APHM conference has several technology exhibits where you could meet with your next technology partner and find an apt technology solution for healthcare.

Interact with end customers who want your solution

Since the APHM conference has a clearly defined goal, it becomes a great venue to identify new sales opportunities and connect with the end customers. Organizations participating in this event span a wide array of products and services targeted for both private and public hospitals. From medical devices to pharmaceutical drugs, from hospital information management systems to consumable supplies and products…there is a consumer waiting for your solution and this event is a great forum to connect with this customer.

Industry experts from whom you can learn about future trends

Those in the healthcare sector can definitely learn a lot from the insights presented by the carefully curated speaker track of the APHM conference. The speaker track consists of eminent personalities who come from the fields of medical research, healthcare consulting, doctors, hospital management, industry analysts and healthcare services to just name a few. Having so many thinking minds under a single roof provides all the stakeholders of healthcare a distinctive opportunity to interact with them and learn about future trends and technologies that are going to impact the healthcare sector.

Meet vendors and possible partnerships

In order to have a well-functioning healthcare ecosystem, it is essential for the healthcare providers to have a strong vendor network. Whether it is to maintain compliance and risk management or to find the best hospital management system or to connect with vendors dealing with next generation medical technologies and equipment, the APHM conference is a good occasion to meet these vendors to form potential partnerships.

The APHM conference also has an attractive speaker track and covers a myriad of topics related to healthcare. Here are some tracks that I’m excited to attend to assess the impact of technology on healthcare.

  • The Brave New World of Healthcare. What Is Coming Over the Next 25 Years”, by Sachin Chaudhary, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Singapore to see the direction the healthcare industry will take.
  • Leadership, Technology and Innovation in Patient Safety” by Tami Minnier, Vice Chair, Board of Joint Commission International/Joint Commission Resources; Chief Quality Officer, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • The Internet of Things – Emergence of the Intelligence Wellness Net” by Ashwin Moduga, Research Manager, IDC Health Insights Asia/Pacific and Technology in Healthcare by Fernando Erazo, Head, Healthcare Informatics Solutions & Services, Philips, ASEAN & Pacific
  • Director for Healthcare & Social Services, IBM Asia Pacific, Farhana M Nakhooda’s session on how IBM’s Dr. Watson is being used in hospitals looks interesting.
  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship: The Pivotal Moment When All Technologies Created For Healthcare Converge” by Benjamin Cheah Tien Eang, Deputy Medical Director, IMU Healthcare – this session might cover some pertinent points on how healthcare providers and patients can work harmoniously using technology.

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