The fast-paced digital lives that we are living in today has changed the dynamics of how companies hire. Especially when it comes to hiring by technology companies, technical expertise, knowledge of the latest trends, or process understanding are more or less hygiene factors – these are the things which candidates are expected to know. But beyond these, what are the things which set one candidate apart from another? What do we at SD Global look for while hiring a new team member?

Every company has a different approach to selecting their employees. Apple, for example, is known for its stringent recruitment process. That apart, in some of the interviews, the candidates are asked very unusual questions such as “What would you say to a customer who says they don’t like Apple?” or “Who would you most like to share a coffee with and why?”. In another example, Airbnb’s director of marketing was hired when instead of a standard resume, he applied with a comic book! Companies are certainly looking beyond just skills and capabilities.

Having a quest for learning is imperative today. Technology is a fast evolving domain and to stay up-to-date with the technological changes happening in the industry and the company, the employees need to have an eagerness to learn and adapt to these changes.

At SD Global, we are working in a very cutting-edge area of helping hospitals become Smart Hospitals. We are the leaders when it comes to innovative and path-breaking healthcare solutions. We are set to change the healthcare ecosystem in Malaysia. To support our rapid growth, we are always looking for passionate and innovative individuals to join our team. Obviously, there are standard job descriptions and requirements, but here are a few qualities which we look for in every SD Global employee –

5 Qualities Which Every SD Global Employee Shares

1. Innovative

Innovation, to us, means taking the risk of having a completely different approach and producing better results. At SD Global, we don’t worry about failing. We like to try new ideas to improve existing processes or products or come up with absolutely new ideas that would make our solutions stand apart from competitors. Here, we don’t worry about making mistakes – that’s part and parcel of being innovative. We believe in our solutions and we are always thinking out-of-the-box, constantly asking the question “why” and coming up with newer better ways of doing things.

2. Open to new ideas

“Creativity is just connecting things” – Steve Jobs

None of us are bound of any fix conventions or ideas. Being innovative automatically translates to being open to trying new ideas. Being open to new ideas means we let go of control, we allow ourselves to make mistakes, we try to understand all the aspects before making any decisions, and we are open for suggestions. Frankness, therefore, is highly encouraged at SD Global. We express our views and opinions without the fear of being judged based on those.

3. Culturally Fit

Every organization has a distinguished working culture. It is important for us to have employees who can fit into and adapt to our company culture. While screening the candidates, we look out for the ones who seem to comply with our company’s core values and beliefs. Our culture fits the ultimate vision of the organization – every strategy, decision, action, and communication supports the culture of SD Global. The culture – which is based on openness, transparency, innovation, passion, and trust.

4. Proactive

There are two sets of people – reactive and proactive. At SD Global we look out for proactive candidates who are self-motivated to take action or come up with new ideas. We all think ahead of their time and are always on the lookout for something new and innovative – we believe that this helps us in keeping a positive and motivated work environment. Rather than restricting ourselves to a defined job role, we all work towards achieving goals – this means that we all are action-oriented. We love helping each other and doing things which are not strictly defined in our job responsibilities.

5. Self-Motivated

The one thing which you will not find at SD Global is micromanagement. We don’t believe in “telling” people what to do and how to do their job. We believe that when we hire the best people for the job, they very well know how to accomplish the work and deliver results. All the SD Global employees are highly self-motivated, love working without too much direction, like to take initiatives, and are incredibly enthusiastic. Needless to say, self-motivation comes from self-confidence, and that is fostered at SD Global.

We believe that skills can be taught. Knowledge can be imparted. But it is qualities like these that make employees successful and help in their growth. Do you possess these qualities? Do you think that you will thrive in a working environment which fosters such culture? If so, send in your resume, and we would love to talk!