Read this before embarking on your journey of SMART HOSPITALS

Smart Hospitals or Connected Hospitals is no more just a fancy buzzword in the healthcare industry today. As several other industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and entertainment have embarked on their journey of digital transformation, the healthcare industry also has started evolving at a very rapid pace.

Hospitals are under constant pressure to decrease healthcare costs and improve patient care and quality of care – the latest technologies promise to help hospitals achieve these objectives. Smart Hospitals leverage the power of connected devices, and cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, analytics, AI, and IoT, to quickly gather and process huge volumes of structured and unstructured data. This data, when processed and analyzed in real-time, offer healthcare professionals key information and actionable insights to help them improve diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient experience. Smart Hospitals are undoubtedly set to transform the healthcare industry.

While all this sounds great, there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly is a smart hospital, how to implement one, and what are the best practices. Download this comprehensive guide by SD Global, to learn –

  • What is a Smart Hospital?
  • What are benefits of Smart Hospitals to patients?
  • How can hospitals benefit from leveraging smart technologies?
    The key technology investment areas which hospitals need to consider
    What is the role of AI, machine learning, and IoT in Smart Hospitals?